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Awakening Mircales

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The spirit of the river invites you to step into the flow, to stop swimming against avoiding the current. Allow the waters to carry you downstream, away from the eddies and the whirlpools. It's time to heed the call of a new adventure waiting for you. Stop working on the problem for a while. The issue is not what it seems; it is your addiction to fixing what has gone as you see it wrong or bad that is consuming so much of your time. Instead, let's work on creating for the greater good, and this situation, we're resolve itself on its own. There is nothing that you can accomplish with more effort in, ask the situation in your life right now, are subject to force is beyond your control. Recognize this step and step back and trust the flow. When this card appears it's time to say yes to the next leg of your journey. Your life is like a river, inevitable and inexorably, flowing to the sea, which is the divine destination. Be fearless and release yourself from the rushing waters in the middle of the stream. Let go and enjoy the ride. All will be well.

Ask yourself today where am I trying to make things happen? Where am I forcing things or relationships to be a particular way? Am I truly willing to let go of control? If not, why?

Also, remind yourself. The only thing that you truly control is your own thoughts. So why not steer them in a direction that feels good instead of the direction that feels like work

Christine Halliwell
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