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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend contemplation for January 20, 2023

This contemplation is a deep one, for it is asking us to look at the aspects of ourselves that we have disowned and ask ourselves. What was this aspect attempting to teach us? Why did I choose to disassociate myself from this or resist the lesson it was attempting to give me?

As we allow ourselves to acknowledge the lesson that this aspect of ourselves was giving we then must ask how can I be a loving example of what I learned? How can I embody the spirit of what I gained?


I also want to add that to me this spread is asking us to step into spiritual maturity. Which is a synergy of all three aspects it’s not about one or the other instead how can all of them work together within you First the child who wonders in complete innocence to be the mother that nurture is that wonder and innocence and gently guides and to be the father, who takes action towards that wonder in the physical world.

Christine Halliwell
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