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Weekend contemplation, and energy report.

For this weekend, spirit is asking us to tell the truth to ourselves, and once we do to dwell within that truth, as we dwell within that truth, we are divinely directed and divinely protected. We cut the cords that no longer service, and we call our power back.

Spirit is also letting us know that we need to say no to those relationships or activities that are not an alignment with our truth. We may need to check in a lot this weekend with truth to get a clear picture of what is truly in alignment and what is wishful thinking.

We can ask ourselves the question if I wasn’t afraid, what would? This question can help us to help the truth come tumbling for our spirit is happy to reveal it to us. We must simply be willing and want to hear it and know it.

So another great question we can ask ourselves

am I currently in alignment with my truth? Am I willing to see the truth or am I refusing to see it? If I am refusing it, why what am I afraid of?

Lastly, don’t forget I’ll be going live today at 1 PM Eastern standard time for free your mind Friday for a quick guided five minute meditation to bring us into the present moment so that we can be open and available to hear the truth !

Christine Halliwell
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