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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energies of choice, guidance, and alignment.

Starting off this week we want to make conscious contact with our higher power, so that way our choices may be guided, not by our narrow viewpoint, but by the broader perspective of spirit.

As we continue the week, we can check in with ourselves often to see if we are in alignment with spirit and truth, or if we are aligning with our ego separation anxiety and stress, and if we do find ourselves in alignment with our ego, we can choose again, and choose to realign with spirit, the truth of who we are.

This week we want to do our best to align our choices consciously with love with truth, and with our higher power, we can do that by simply asking what would love have me do or what does my heart say or what is the divine will in this there are so many different ways of asking Simply a line with the one that works best for you.

Christine Halliwell
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