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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend contemplation and Energy report

This weekend spirit is reminding us that we all have a unique destiny and each of plays an important role, with that said our destiny is not a stagnant state or place that we get to it is ever unfolding. Our ego will try and convince us that we have to get to a certain level to be happy or joyous and spirit says be happy and joyous where you are.

As we begin to let go of the idea that our destiny is a fixed point in space and time something great begins to happen we begin to liberate ourselves from that old story we begin to allow ourselves a little more freedom in where we move and what we do no longer bound by the old story of what we should do.

This liberation leads to a transformation and all a transformation is, is allowing what was already there to be revealed your destiny is not a hidden treasure but a beautiful gift waiting ti be unwrapped.

Ask yourself: Where am I holding on to old ideas of what I am supposed to be? How can I allow more liberation in my life?

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