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Awakening Mircales

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When we feel a negative emotion it is not a bad thing it is actually the universe our I AM presence attempting to communicate with us. What is it attempting to communicate? All it is attempting to do is get our attention and say we are thinking about ourselves in this situation the opposite way that it does and it is merely seeking fo us to see that and shift back to the I AM we are to see it clearly.

Today if you encounter a negative emotion instead of shaming yourself ( I should not feel this way it is not spiritual) let us be in appreciation and say thank you to that emotion because it is divine guidance getting us back on track with who we truly are.

One way of shifting our viewpoint is to ask ourselves the question how would love see this or how would my higher power see this? You can even ask what must I believe in this moment for this emotion to come up for me?

Christine Halliwell
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