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Weekend contemplation for March 15, 2024

This weekend our crowning thought is all about being open to the experience of acknowledging and accepting all of who we are as well as begin open to receiving recognition from ourselves on the magical journey we are on to truly be who we are.

Spirit asks us to look not on our flaws But instead to seek the beauty of those parts of ourselves, that we have hidden away because of blame, shame, or guilt to fully embody them, accept them, so that we can honor all of who we are, and so we also are able to see the beauty and radiance of ourselves which in turn gives us the vision to others light and radiance because it is a reflection of our own.

This helps us to shift our energy shifting energy just means that we are willing to shift our minds our thoughts, and therefore shifting our emotions, and therefore shifting the experience that we have. We shift it simply by being willing to wanting to.

Spirit asks us to trust our own understanding to look deeply into ourselves before making a decision. To have the foresight and ability to discern that there is more here than what may meet the eye. Be patient and allow things to unfold as they well. Trust in your own intuitive understandings, for they hold truth.

Our grounding thought for this this weekend is be true to your heart. This grounding energy is simply asking us to be true to who we are. Who we are, is not our personality, our work, or what we have. Allow your most authentic self to be the guide, instead of allowing society or others to tell us what is right for us, we must do what we feel is right for us from that intuitive place.

Ask yourself this weekend where have I hidden a part of me away? Why have I hidden this part of me away?

Where have I not been authentic? Where have I been hiding? ?

Where have I had intuitive insights, but not follow them? Why was I afraid to follow those insights?

Christine Halliwell
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