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Awakening Mircales

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There are days when we feel that we are lost in the fog of our own thoughts, we feel like we are thinking in circles and cannot seem to find the way out of it. The reason we sometimes get stuck in that mind fog is that we are attempting to control or figure out the future. However, when we do that we are engaging the ego and the ego lives on in the past.

That is why we can't get out of the fog because we are in the past if we want to get out of the fog of our minds we must be willing to let in the light, The light of awareness, and sometimes the only way to do that is to acknowledge we are stuck and then to the ego's dislike let it go stop thinking about it.

How you might ask, go do something creative something fun something that brings you into the hear and now present moment, and then once you do the surprise is you gain clarity to the situation, why because you allowed the fog of the past to clear.

Christine Halliwell
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