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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend, contemplation, and energy report for July 28 2023

For this weekend, we have a crowning thought other soul expansion This crowning thought tells us that what we are currently going through whatever opportunities for growth are presented to us, or helping us to expand our consciousness, and begin to understand the connection between all things.

For this weekend, we’re invited to shine the light of awareness on our shadow aspects as we do so we are more willing to let them go because they no longer serve a purpose as we look at those shadows and acknowledge them, and thank them for their service

There is going to be an aspect of sadness or loss because we are letting this part of ourselves that we have invested so much in go. It’s OK to grieve however, we must be willing to thank it for its service and let it go so that we can be free of the suffering and to be able to step more fully into the present moment

As we free ourselves from the suffering, and shine the light of awareness, more fully in our minds, we have more access to the present moment where intuition guidance is waiting for us,

our grounding thought which is foundation and achievement. This card tells us that we deserve happiness, and to harvest the rewards of our efforts. What we sold we now can reap. We must be open to receiving as we’ve worked hard and have given so much. We must allow the universe to give Back to us we must remember that nothing stays stagnant, and the winds of change are always at the door don’t stay stuck in the past instead and move forward not into the future but into the present now for that is where miracles, guidance and life itself awaits you.

Christine Halliwell
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