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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energies of seeing the bigger picture trusting our intuition and dropping what no longer serves us, which leads us to heighten vitality.

This week we are asked not to get lost in the minutia and instead be willing to look to the bigger picture, sometimes we actually use the details to keep us stuck playing small and other times the details keep us trapped and never really moving.

As we let go of the details and focus on the big picture we can start to hear more clearly the voice of our own intuition because we have dropped what is not serving us now and moving towards that which is.

This one act can reinvigorate us and heighten our vitality for the project or idea because we are not bogged down with all the little things we think we need to do, we are also allowing spirit to work for us and through us, for we are now allowing more guidance to flow.

Christine Halliwell


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