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Awakening Mircales

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Today for our thoughtful Thursday, we are invited to make a way for miracles in our lives. Miracles are natural, and when they are not unfolding in our lives, it means something has gone wrong.

The only thing that can go wrong is our thinking. Ask yourself today.

Do I truly believe that the miracle or miracles are possible?

Where might I be trying to control the miracle or how it shows up or even when it shows up?

How can I open up to miracles even more?

Remember, when we make away from miracles, we are expecting them to expect them does not mean that you know what they are or how they will manifest expecting them simply means that you know that the miracle is already on its way. Think of it like this when you set your alarm at night you are expecting it to ring in the morning you know that it is going to rain because you know that you said it so there is an expectation that it is going to occur. We can use this same principle when it comes to miracles when it comes to guidance.

Christine Halliwell
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