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Awakening Mircales

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Here is our groups card of the day for our Monday morning message.

    Protection message: Illusions and wishful thinking rooted in a sense of lack have entered your life. Now may be the time to see things as they truly are and not as you hoped or imagined they would be. Release any fear. Then envision anew. Perhaps you are anticipating that something fearful might happen and re-creating that image of disaster over and over in your mind. The universe responds to such projections, so be aware of this catastrophizing. No matter what, illusions and “awfulizing” are a misuse of imagination. Clear the inner slate and stay grounded. Stay real. Only then can you truly have what you desire.

This card has a great message reminding us to be true to who we truly are which is the overall theme for April. Intuitively I feel like this card is asking us to start begin honest with ourselves about what we desire. Do we truly desire something or are we only saying that we do to please others or society. If something in your life is not manifesting then we have to go to the place where it all starts and that is our own minds. We have to look at what we are asking for is it a desire which comes from our spirit meaning an experience or is it a want which comes from the ego which is all about the object. Be discerning this week and explore your thoughts and emotions for what is a desire and want

Christine Halliwell
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